Show Us the Father

“Philip said, `Lord, show us the Father and that will be enough for us.’” (John 14: 8 NIV)

Is not Philip’s cry the cry of each of us who are searching for a love relationship with our heavenly Father? The truth is that we carry deep hurts and scars of these hurts that prevent us from making that love connection with Father. I am not an expert in child and baby care by any means. But I do know that if a child is uncomfortable for any reason it is impossible to express love to that child until the source of discomfort is dealt with. If a child is hungry she must be fed before contentment can be achieved. If a child has an injury such as a skinned knee the injury must be dealt with before he can be comforted.

As we grow older we become hurt by our relationships with other people or by our own treatment of others that is not appropriate.

[At this point in my writing I paused and went back to bed with the prayer in my heart that God would help me complete this article later. After getting ready for the day I wrote in my daily journal called “Prayer for Help” the following prayer:]

– Father, I base my prayers and my life on the Bible. John said that for those who believed in His name (the name of your Son, Jesus) He gave the right to become children of God. John also recorded that Jesus said, “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” These words are why I have the temerity to call you Father and why I believe that I can do what Jesus did. Help me to fit into the proper pattern of life so that these words will become a reality for me. Help me to declare this message and see it become a reality in many others.

I have written these articles each day, with a few exceptions because of travel, for more than a year. Each day, before I write a blog, preach a sermon, or comment on a passage of scripture, I pray that God will help me. He always does. Let me repeat that; God always answers my prayers for help. As I enter these prayers in my journal my fingers always pause the slightest moment before I begin the prayer with “Father,” because I believe that there is nothing in me that gives me any right to address God as Father. Then I remember John 1:12 and type “Father,” and continue my prayer while thinking praises that I have the right and authority to become a son of God and that I have the right and authority to do all that Jesus did. I then type my prayer with the confidence that God will always make it come to pass. Not because I am anything but because Jesus has overcome the world, and sin, and the devil.

The bottom line is that each one of the believers in the world has the same right and authority to become daughters and sons of God. We have the same right and authority to do all that Jesus did. I believe that when we grasp that truth the world will become all that Jesus died to make it.

I will end this article with a written prayer for myself and for all who follow Jesus: Father, thank you for sending Your Son into the world to show us fully who You are! Help us all to grasp the truth that we have the power and authority to become daughters and sons of God and fully live like Jesus lived. You and Your Son, Jesus, have sent the Holy Spirit to guide us and direct us to fulfill all You have for us to do until Jesus returns. Help us live according to Your plans and purposes as we follow Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit.