In seeking inspiration each day to write an article to publish as a blog on the Living Fully web site I find that trust is of primary importance. The basis of that trust is belief that if God gives an assignment He will supply all that is needed to carry out that assignment. Today I spent some time early in the morning sorting through past articles to organize them into material for a book(s). After a time I decided to go back to bed and hope that God would give me a dream or vision that would direct me regarding what to write today. The thoughts that went through my mind regarded what God has assigned me to do related to Haiti and Africa and writing and building churches both physically and Biblically, etc. In other words, I was thinking and praying about all that is going on in my life and how God would accomplish it all. I did not actually go back to sleep; but in the middle of all this thinking I had a kind of vision:

I pictured an acrobatic act that involved balance. It consisted of taking two bottles like wine bottles and placing a narrow board balanced between them. The board was about 3 inches wide and about 2 or 3 feet long. Imagine the wine bottles being about 1 foot high with the board balanced on the openings of the empty bottles. Then, I envisioned what would be involved to place myself on the board without disturbing the balance on the bottles. I thought that it would probably be impossible to step onto the board one foot after the other and maintain the proper equilibrium. Any slight pressure sideways would upset the balance of the board on the bottles. Probably the only way to mount this delicately balanced board would be to leap into the air; descend gently onto the board; place one’s feet positioned properly; and distribute one’s weight evenly all in one completely coordinated effort.

Since the dream or vision that I have described above came while I was allowing my mind to be open; there is no doubt some significance to it beyond the vision itself. First, it is symbolic. This is not meant for me to learn how to balance on wine bottles and join the circus. Second, the major component of the vision is balance. Taking into consideration that my thoughts and prayers were centered on all of the work of God in my life the message of the vision most likely is a message from God related to what I was thinking and praying about. Without making the symbolism difficult I believe we can see that God is encouraging me or commanding me to seek balance in all that I am doing. In other words, I don’t have to consider the meanings of such things as the bottles or the board. The theme is balance and I believe God is telling me to maintain balance and trust.