In the Footsteps of Moses

A very strange concept has come into focus this morning for me. I can’t say that the thought is new. I have considered my life as unfolding into my destiny along the lines of Moses for a long time. I have even considered that I may live to be 120, the stated life expectancy of man at the time of the Flood of Noah. But, really, the main consideration for me is that Moses’ life was divided into three distinct periods. The first, was a time of preparation for the task in the household of Pharaoh that also included learning of his ancestry at the knee of his own mother. The second period was a long time in the wilderness thinking he was abandoned by God and re-thinking what he knew to be his destiny. Finally, when he was 80 he experienced God in the burning bush and the correct way to fulfill his destiny.

Do I think that I must wait until I am 80 for God to reveal himself to me and I will begin to fulfill my destiny? Maybe that will be true. Maybe I am still in a time of contemplation and preparation. That is OK if it fits into God’s plans and purposes. I certainly have long since set aside my own plans and am learning to yield to Gods ways. That may be part of the wilderness experience. As I get older I continue to eat right, exercise, and listen to the voice of God in preparation for what He has in mind. I remember that Caleb was prepared to take his portion of the Promised Land when he was 80 or 85. I remember that when Joshua was 80 he was told by God that wherever he placed his foot, just like Abraham, the territory would become his. He was strong and courageous and took the territory of 31 kings in his lifetime. The Israelites were faithful to God’s plan during the lifetime of Joshua and the elders of his generation. After Joshua the Israelites fell into a long time of chaos depicted in the book of Judges because they assimilated the ways of the people of the land instead of remaining true to God’s ways.

One of the tasks before me is to establish a Bible School in Kissi, Kenya, Africa, for the purpose of continuing the preparation of those who will lead the next generation in Africa in the ways of Christ. The vision is to actually build a physical facility but, much more important, build the people up in the knowledge and the spiritual maturity of the ways of Christ. In other words, to equip the saints to equip the saints. This will involve basic Bible knowledge, the ways of the Holy Spirit, maturity in Christ, becoming like Jesus in character and power, trust in the sovereignty of God, the establishment of the kingdom of God, and the vision of God’s interaction in the world. There is actually no limit to what God can do. With God all things are possible.

This is neither an ambitious project nor a vision beyond accomplishment. This is simply following after the foundation that has already been laid through past apostles and prophets. This is building on the foundation and measuring according to the Cornerstone, Christ Jesus. As we continue to measure our lives and our actions according to the Cornerstone, what we accomplish for God will have lasting value.