Walk 15 – Read Genesis Chapters 14 through 44. The Theme is: The Truth in Prophetic Dreams.


The Cupbearer Remembers

How often our hopes are raised by events or circumstances only to be dashed! It is often very difficult to trust in God when all about us is the feel of prison clothes and the smell of unwashed bodies. That was the condition in which Joseph found himself when the cupbearer was reminded of the young man in charge of the prison who had told him what his dream meant.

Even when Joseph was called by Pharaoh to interpret the dreams of thin and fat cows and thin and fat grain; Joseph was very careful to give credit to God. Maybe he had learned a lesson or two from the pit and the prison.

At the beginning of this account Joseph was 17 and he entered the service of Pharaoh at the age of 30. Can this be anything other than a prophecy of the Messiah who entered His ministry of the Chosen One at the 30?

The Brothers Bow

When Jacob sent his sons to Egypt; Benjamin stayed behind because he was the only remaining son of the woman he had loved. Joseph recognized them but not in their wildest imaginations did they know him as the lord of Egypt. Joseph clearly saw the hand of God at work as his brothers bowed before him. Joseph was a changed man. Were his brothers any different? We shall see. The testing began.

God is beginning the forming of a great nation; and Joseph is the sharpened tool in his hand. How often we extend the training and discipline of the Lord with our devious ways and our attempts to control our destiny instead of yielding to the plan of God!

Joseph and Benjamin

The ten sons of Jacob return to Canaan with the grain but all are in great fear when the silver is found in their sacks. Simeon has been held hostage in Egypt because Joseph has insisted that the youngest son must return with them if they come again. Finally, after much delay, Jacob allows Benjamin to go with them to Egypt. The scenes are very emotional as Joseph continues to test the character of his brothers who allowed him to be sold into slavery. He was in a position to exact revenge; but was very aware of the hand of God for the purpose of saving many lives.

Judah Steps Up

Reuben had offered his two sons if any harm should come to Benjamin; but the argument was not accepted. The grain was used up and Jacob asked his sons to return to Egypt. Then Judah offered himself. “I myself will guarantee his safety; you can hold me personally responsible for him.” Another Messianic prophecy has been spoken. Could this be the moment that the tribe of Judah was chosen to bear the Messiah? We will see more in Jacob’s blessing of his sons. This theme of the increased dominance of Judah continues until the phrase, “Judah and his brothers,” came to be the designation of the eleven.

The testing is complete when Judah pleads, “please let your servant remain here as my lord’s slave in place of the boy [Benjamin].”