School Of Prayer Ministry

If you feel God is leading you to be equipped to pray for healing for others, then this school will prepare you for that service. This is a chance to grow in your faith and ministry ability, to learn to make an impact in the lives of others and to develop new friendships with like-minded Christians.

Our team of released prayer ministers have experienced this pattern of prayer which helps us to become more whole in Christ.  They are trained to help you in your journey.

Subjects covered include ministering in the power of the holy spirit, the gifts of the spirit, spiritual warfare, confession of sin, forgiveness of others who sin against you, how to hold your victory, the occult and associated areas and becoming totally committed to Jesus Christ.

Each student will receive a prayer ministry session led by 2 qualified prayer ministers trained under Living Fully. 

You will be able to participate in an active session, and be a part of a prayer vigil, where you will experience the spiritual dynamics that are part of covering others in intercession.

Click here to download a brochure (Please note - dates may be incorrect until a new brochure is created. School is in Spring 2022)

Dates 21 March, 2022 to 25 March, 2022

At Apps Ridges Retreat Centre 
335 Robinson Rd.  RR 4
Brantford, ON  N3T 0L7

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