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My Testimony

I became involved with VMTC in January 1992 when I had my 1st personal Prayer Ministry session.  At the time I was a 10 year Christian and had tried many “healing and deliverance sessions” with other ministries, and knowing that I NEEDED something more without understanding what.  I’d had times where someone prayed over me for singular incidents.  I would feel like there had been “victory” but it never lasted.  I’d also had very negative experiences with deliverance (awful). I was at a real impasse, not knowing if I could try one more time!

God brought me into knowing about VMTC through a pastor and his wife who moved to Caledonia Ontario, just after I had arrived there. We became good friends.  Many times in two years, my friend, Helen, utilized her equipping to pray for me.  It was always 100 % effective. Finally, I jumped in with both feet for a complete Pr. Ministry session with both Helen & Dave.

Up until this time, a scripture verse that had always “grated” on me was  - “Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ” it wasn’t that I didn’t believe it as God’s Word  BUT I wasn’t experiencing it!  VMTC is based upon this scripture and produces lasting victory~

After my first session, I came out feeling like I had an Iron Cross, much bigger than I, on the inside of me and the ASSURANCE of victory had become “real” to me for the first time ever. PTL!

I then became called to pass this on to others and progressed through the stages of being promoted by the Holy Spirit to become a Lead Prayer Minister.  I’ve been serving in this ministry since 1992 and presently am on the Board of Directors as Prayer Coordinator and recording Secretary.
My first impressions of the ministry were "Wow! A safe place."

+where confidentiality is totally honored
+where the ministry itself is straightforward, gentle and calm
+Where there is a pattern of prayer with “creative conformity” granted so that the Holy Spirit can move powerfully
+Where both past and present are ministered into as opposed to dealing with issues
+where victory with more whole “Total commitment” is realized as a result
+where tools of ministry can be utilized on a daily basis in my life and in others lives.

I consider VMTC Prayer ministry to be “increasingly effective”

This was originally founded as a place for pastors and families to come as a safe place of ministry long before the Church at large understood the need for healing and deliverance.

Peg Steinman,  Dove’s Heart ministries, Burlington, ON

The testimony of Karen Douglas given at the recent Annual meeting of VMTC-Canada:

I attended the VMTC annual meeting held on April 12, 2014 and had the opportunity to share what God is doing through this ministry in the Caledonia, Ontario area.

It appears to me that as the ministry of Victorious Ministry Through Christ has moved across the province of Ontario God has left a deposit of this healing ministry & He is continuing to heal His people as they submit to the Holy Spirit & His conviction.

God has led the leadership in VMTC Canada to relax some of the previous guidelines & I now am able to pray for people in my home one on one.

I do not call what I do VMTC ministry but everything I do comes out of the training I received through this ministry. I am allowed to use the check list that is used in the prayer sessions & I am very thankful for this. I consider myself to be under the headship of VMTC Canada & I make myself accountable to the leadership.

I pray with someone almost on a weekly basis, either in my home or with Pastor Philip Noll.

I was very encouraged as I listened to the work that is being carried out through this extraordinary ministry & I am thankful to God & to the people who are moving forward, continuing to make deposits of the work of the Holy Spirit through VMTC.

Karen Douglas